Prescription Aruba Wraps - Radiation Protection Glasses

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Prescription Aruba Wraps - Radiation Protection Eyewear

The Leaded eyewear aruba wraps are constructed out of extremely durable nylon that provides maximum protection from breakage even while maintaining strong flexibility. The Aruba Wraps nose bridges are contoured to provide a comfortable tight fit for all facial structures by evenly distributing the weight across the nose. Comfortable, protective radiation safety leaded eyewear. Also available with adjustable nose pads and flex hinge temples.

Our Prescription Aruba Wrap is the gold standard of maximum radiation safety for doctors.

Inside Temple Width - 130mm


Lead Equivalent Front Protection 0.75mm +/-0.05 leaded glass.
Lead Equivalent Side Shield protection 0.75mm +/-0.05 leaded glass.

Product Information

  1. Sku - 53-1
  2. Part Number - 53-1
  3. Brand - Spectrum Radiation
  4. Frame Type - Full Frame
  5. Frame Shape - Square
  6. Frame Style - Retro
  7. Frame Color - Multiple
  8. Frame Series - Classic
  9. Frame Cost Type - Economy
  10. Frame Material - Durable Nylon
  11. Lens Type - Schott RS-520 (SF-6)
  12. Lens Color - Clear

Available Lens Types

Plano (non-prescription), Single Rx, Bifocal Rx, and Progressive

Available Colors

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Red
  5. Tortoise

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