Lead Gloves

Radiation protection lead gloves offset the danger of scatter beam radiation exposure and direct x-ray beam radiation. Throughout radiology and electrophysiology lab procedures our radiation gloves will reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to. Our radiation protection PX1 & PX2 gloves are FDA 510(k) approved to be used as a sterile exam or surgical procedure glove in the US. Our radiation gloves are offered in a full array of sizes and half sizes.

Our PX1 and PX2 model gloves are the most affordable leaded x-ray protection gloves on the market.

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Angiographic Lead Glove

Angiographic Lead Glove...

Angiographic Gloves - Lead Gloves The Angiographic Glove is ideal for high radiation exposure pr.. ...
Ex Tax: $170.00
Radiation Attenuation Gloves - Proguard RR1

Radiation Attenuation Gloves - Proguar...

The Proguard radiation attenuation glove is the dominant radiation attenuation x-ray glove on the ma.. ...
Ex Tax: $29.99