About Us

Spectrum Radiation is a small start-up owned and operated by graduate students. We began by partnering with one of the largest radiation safety manufacturers in the world and quickly expanded into multiple supplier channels. From our meager beginnings of offering 7 lead glasses and a handful of radiation protective x-ray aprons, we now offer over 15 aprons, 30 lead glasses, including nike brands, and an even larger selection of x-ray lead barriers, lead gloves, lead glass, and much more.

In addition to radiation protection products, we now offer a large selection of laser safety glasses and eyewear as well as laser protection barriers and laser glass.

Our recent partnership with Wolf X-Ray corporation has now brought us into the world of hospital and small practice medical equipment and supplies. This partnership added over 300 different products to our lineup which now encompasses illuminators, x-ray film, digital imaging devices, radiology workstations and much more.

We would like to thank all of our customers, friends, and family for their support as we bring the radiation safety industry, and more importantly the medical industry into the 21st century by being an on-line only retail store.

Our Mission Statement

To uphold long lasting partnerships with suppliers and customers. To grow our company without sacrificing quality .. To foster a company culture that breeds mutual respect between co-workers. To promote a comfortable and tolerant environment that promotes new and innovative ideas to better ourselves and our customers.