Radiation Protection

Radiation protection, typically called radiological protection, is the science and observation of protecting people from harmful radiation and also the science of shielding from the harmful effects of radiation.


Ionizing radiation is widely employed in business and science and may gift a big risk. It causes microscopic harm to living tissue, which may lead to skin burns and radiation syndrome at high exposures, & elevated risks of cancer at low exposures.

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Who is at risk?

Radiation exposure comes in two main methods from man made sources. Direct beam exposure and scatter radiation.

Scatter radiation can reach around 4 feet from its point of dispersal. Any staff in the room of a x ray procedure can be subject

to exposure & should take care to wear radiation protection garments to shield themselves.


Main methods to protect yourself from radiation are:


  • Lead, non lead, and leaded-hybrid aprons

  • Radiation protective Thyroid collar

  • Lead, or radiation reducing procedural gloves

  • Acrylic, Lead barriers for doctors and additional staff

  • Any additional radiation protection accessory to get the shielding job done

These doctors face the harshest direct beam radiation + scatter radiation:


  1. Physicians and techs who are located in the cardiac cath labs.

  2. Radiology

  3. Radiation Oncology

  4. Nuclear Medicine

  5. Anesthesiologist

  6. Many many more

Other Staff at risk especially to scatter radiation are:


  1. Nurses

  2. Housekeeping

  3. Maintanence

  4. Security


Please visit more accredited websites for proper radiation protection procedures and the ways to prevent radiation exposure.